Overall Organisation Scheme: Click on each WP for more information
  Workpackages Objectives
  • WP1: The objective of this work package is to define characterisation and test protocols for the QuasiDry materials and MEAs.
  • WP2: This work package aims at the development of new concepts for fuel cell membranes incorporating phosphonic acid functionalities through a range of complementary approaches, as well as polymer and membrane scale-up.
  • WP3: Work package 3 is dedicated to stabilised carbon and novel catalyst support materials, enhanced Pt-containing catalysts, Pt-free catalysts, and promoted electrocatalysts.
  • WP4: This work package is focused on the development of MEAs, the evaluation of their performance over a range of temperatures and at low (and high) RH.
  • WP5: This work package will ensure information sharing, and dissemination of project results. It also concerns exploitation and use of the project results.
  • WP6: The objective of this work package is to provide efficient project coordination in order to achieve the project objectives.