QuasiDry Project Overview
QuasiDry is a European Framework Programme 7 project in Future Emerging Technologies for energy, running between 2010 and 2013.
The objective of QuasiDry is to develop innovative fuel cell electrolyte membranes, and novel catalysts and their supports, for the next generation of fuel cells, satisfying the long-term automotive targets for cell temperatures at ca. 120 °C. The final target of the project is the development of membrane electrode assembly technology using the novel components developed in the project.
QuasiDry assembles university, research organisation and industrial partners from four EU member states.
  QuasiDry Project Details
Start date: 01 December 2010Duration: 36 months
Cost: 2.5 millionFP7 funding: 1.7 million
Contract type: Collaborative ProjectFP7 grant n°: 256821